Full Service Nipple-up
Whether it's a Blow Out Preventer or a flanged union of any kind, we are available for the job.  Our top of the line equipment and proprietary tooling work faster and save our customers money.  Nipple-UP Crews come with a crew boss and 3 additional hands.  Members are H2S trained, have all necessary training required by  Oil companies operating in the region. 

Hydro-static Pressure Testing
When lives are at stake, you want to know your equipment works.   Our purpose built testing trucks provide pressures up to 30,000 PSI.  We have well head plugs on hand in all styles and size.  If something is out of the ordinary, our fully equipped machine shop will manufacture whatever is needed to get the job done.  
Test trucks will arrive on location with the operator and the necessary tools for the job.  Please inform dispatch or a salesman if there are any special requests.  We can also provide and pump methanol as needed.  

BOP lifting winches
Winches built for the task.  MNUP winch units are designed for the heaviest of loads and safe operation.  
Our winches come in two variety: 
50,000 lbs capacity - Great for That little Schaffer we need to snub in or perform a spool job
100,000 lbs capacity - 13-5/8 double with and annular?  No problem.
With independent remote operation, keeping the BOP level during pickup makes the job safe.

Poletruck Operation
Request a pole truck with a Nipple-Up crew if you need to move a BOP or any heavy equipment around location or if we need to snub in a stack.  With 30 years of Poletruck operation, Monahans Nipple-Up will Safely move your equipment and get the job done.  Each Truck come with an Operator and a swamper to assist.