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Testing FAQ

Hydrostatic Testing FAQ

What information does Monahans Nipple-UP need to perform a Hydrostatic test?

We need to know the following information:

What type of equipment are we testing?

Do you require a wellhead plug?  If so, what size and type of well head will we be testing?

What drilling pipe have you been drilling with or are fixing to start drilling with?

Do we need any special cross overs?

What will the tester ask upon his arrival to location?

Our testers will ask several questions pertaining to the equipment you have on location.  You should be ready to Cross check with our testers the wellhead size, BOP  and pressure control equipment size and the pressure ratings for all.  Common items in question are size and pressure rating for mudlines,kelleys,  TOP DRIVE valves and IBOPS.

The tester will need to know the minimum and maximum pressures and length of time to test each piece of equipment as outlined in the drilling program per the company mans instruction.

I am unsure about what equipment the tester will need on my location.

No problem.  As company men move from rig to rig, it can take some time to become familiar with  the new rig.  Chances are our salesmen know what you will require on that rig and can help you make a decision.  Please call your salesman or have our Dispatchers get you in touch with a salesman so you can discuss any question you may have.

Do you provide Methanol?

Yes.  Please let us know the quantity you require.  

We have constructed a piece of equipment and it requires a hydrostatic Test.  Can Monahans Nipple-UP do this?

Yes, we can.

How much pressure can Monahans Nipple-UP test to?

30,000Psi.  If you require more, please contact a sales to discuss your needs and we will configure a truck accordingly.