Service Scheduling Checklist

  • Date______________

  • Company name______________

  • Person Calling___________________________

  • Call Back number__________________________

  • Rig_______________________________

  • Lease________________________________

  • Directions to the Lease

  • Well head size________________

  • Type_______________________

  • Surface Casing size______________________________

  • Intermediate casing size___________________________

  • What type of drill pipe are you fixing to start using?

  • Size___________________________

  • Thread_________________________

(If you have been using 4.5 IF and are switching to a smaller drill pipe, we need to know so we can bring the correct cross-overs for HydroTesting.)


  • Tubing size & Thread _____________________

  • Do you require a Cup type Packer for Hydro Testing?

  • Casing size that packer will be placed in:______________________

  • Weight of Casing:__________________

Nippling up

  • Crew

  • Lifts

    • Small 50,000 lbs

    • Big 100,000 lbs

  • Poletruck   (y / n)    

    • Estimated BOP Weight________________

  • Will you be calling in for a Test once the nipple-up is complete?  (Y / N)

Please Tell our dispatchers if your have any special requirements or any additional information.